Synapse Gateway   The Internet and any web browser is all that is required for a merchant to log into their account and process credit card transactions. This website was designed with the business user in mind. Easy to use menus and screens, extensive and customizable reports, swipe and receipt printer integration and other advanced features allow the user to process at Internet speeds from any office workstation or even from remote locations or home.

Retail, MOTO and eCommerce accounts, Level I, II, & III processing and automatic processing logic - combined to provide your business the lowest processing fees !

arrow What are the steps needed to process a credit card transaction?

Processing credit card transactions is streamlined, simple and fast. Standard manual transaction input is only 3 steps. Using the systems advanced rolodex, recurring and group payment options, transaction processing could not be more convenient. Processing made easy...

Three Easy Steps to Process a New Credit Card Transaction -
  1. With any PC/Mac Internet browser, enter your AccountID and Password to begin.
  2. Select the Transaction option from the menu and type the required credit card information.
  3. Click the Process and the Approval message (or Decline) will be displayed in seconds.

You are done... The next transaction can now be entered or use other gateway features like print a receipt, use the rolodex, view a report and more...

arrow Can Synapse be Integrated Directly with my Invoicing Software?

Integration with the Synapse Gateway is simple too. If your invoicing software used IC Verify, PC Charge, POS Partner or another file transfer format, the free Synapse Connect utility is your simple solution. Customized batch processing using Synapse Connect is also available.

Programming SDKs are also available for use in Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, MS.Net, Delphi and many other popular programming platforms and languages. These include DLLs, web services, CGI post, and component options.

Ask your Synapse representative for details...

arrow Processing Features
  • Fully Encrypted SSL Security
  • Fully CISP and PCI Compliant
  • Retail, MOTO & eCommerce
  • Level I, II & III Processing
  • Use on Multiple PCs or Macs
  • Use with any Internet Browser
  • Configurable Logins & Permissions
  • Automatic or Manual Settlement
  • Card Swipe or Manual Entry
  • Standard and Full Page Receipts
  • Email Receipts as a PDF
  • Place Transactions on Hold
  • Configurable Entry Field Options
  • Entry Field Default Values
  • Recurring Group Transactions
  • Recurring Date Transactions
  • Unlimited Transaction History
  • Reuse old Transaction Data
  • Store old Transaction to Rolodex
  • Store Multiple Cards in Rolodex
  • Store Multiple Rolodex Addresses
  • Transaction Defaults in Rolodex
  • Configurable Search Options
  • Advanced Filtering Options
  • Search & Filter on any Field
  • Paging View / Length Options
  • Process Forced Authorizations
  • Standard Sale, Credit & Voids
  • Process Book-Slip Transactions
  • Lots of Customizable Reports
  • Export Report to PDFs & Excel
  • Free IC VerifyTM Emulator
  • Free PC ChargeTM Emulator
  • Free POS PartnerTM Emulator
  • Free Batch File Processor
  • Free Quick Entry Terminal
  • Free Training & Support

+ Authorizations in Seconds...

Let Synapse Corporation’s Business Gateway handle all of your credit card processing needs.
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